Create module for Magento 1.x , 2.x automatically

Create module for Magento 1.x , 2.x automatically

Are you a magento developer or trying to be one? Are you looking for a quick way of creating modules in magento? Then you have come to a right place. I will share you some tools and links that will allow you to create a ready to go module and what you just need to do is implement your logic into it.

You should be familiar with magento module work flow to understand the created module, however just to create the module you may not need such detail understanding. But if you don’t understand it then what’s the use right? As you need to do some quick modification for it to perfectly match your requirement.

As you know there includes many steps and files to create a standalone module. You need to define the module, its configurations, controllers, models, views and layouts also some dependencies files(for M2).

If you are an amateur then a simple mistake in the name or xml file may lead you to the waste of your whole day. Not only amateur but many experienced developers also do such mistakes and we must admit it, creating the module form scratch is also time consuming as well as boring.

When you are in the middle of the development as quick as you can perform these task more efficient you will be.

Using these tools you can easily creating a working wireframe module where you can just add your logic and you are ready to go.

Mostly I use below links to create my modules:

For Magento 1

For Magento 2

Using these two links you can create your module easily. It provides a huge range of flexibility for you to customize your module according to your need. And most of the steps are self-explanatory.

If you need any further help on this, leave a comment!!